Fiat Zagato Coupe, BMW 650i Promo, Aston Martin Lagonda SUV, Mercedes BLS

Fiat announces they will indeed be building the Fiat Zagato Coupe Concept we just saw at the Geneva Auto Show, BMW's new promo of the 6-series has some interesting music, Aston Martin plans on building a new SUV under the Lagonda brand and the Mercedes BLS, a smaller version of the four door coupe CLS may hit showrooms by 2012. Fast Lane Daily hosted by Derek DeAngelis

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(4K)ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA IV 1989 classic supercar استون مارتین لاگوندا - アストンマーチン ラゴンダ4
2016/NOB/12 ARTISTIC CARS AT THE WORLD HERITAGE in JAPAN world of famous classic car,rally car,super car,and motorcycle exhibition in the Japanese Nijyo castle. ASTON MARTIN LAGONDA IV 1989 آستون مارتین لاگوندا 二条城と名車の競演。 世界文化遺産に指定されている京都府・元離宮二条城で 開催された世界的名車展示会。オリジナルコンディショ ンの希少車が多数展示。 世界に数台、日本に一台の激レア車からグループBのモ スター・ラリーマシン、スーパーカー、クラシックカ まで憧れの名車が集結した。 アストンマーチン ラゴンダ4 生産台数105台。 貴重な車であり中東の王族ご用達の車。 このラゴンダシリーズはロールスロイスやベントレーを 求める富裕層がターゲット ARTISTIC CARS AT THE WORLD HERITAGE filmed by SONY FDR-AX100 4K Camcorder. 4K XAVC-S 3840x2160/30P(2160p) MPEG-4 AVC/H.265 J-Auto Show is Japanese Car Show and modified custom car .motorcycle channel Twitter: Facebook: J-Auto Show:

2017 Corvette is “Cooler”, New Mercedes-Benz Models, New Audi Q8 - Fast Lane Daily
The current Corvette Z06 may overheat a bit, so they are making the next version “cooler” if you will. Mercedes-Benz is on a new model tear for 2017, and we’ll fill you in on what they are. Plus, the Audi Q8 is on it’s way as their top of the line crossover. Plus, it’s Tuesday so someone is definitely, Doing It Wrong! That and more all today right here on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Doing It Wrong video: /85086183/ Watch the FIRST Episode with Derek D in CSR2's Ultimate Racing Challenge! Download CSR2 and join Derek D’s crew! Make sure you use the hashtag #FLD: Check out The Drive! Sign the "Derek D in Fast & Furious" petition: Fast Lane Daily on iTunes! Click here: FLD Twitter: FLD Facebook: FLD on Instagram: Derek D’s Stuff: Have a tip? Email us: FLD wear:

BMW 650i vs VW Passat CC 3.6 vs Infiniti G35x

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Launch in Kuwait حفل إطلاق استون مارتن لاقوندا ترف
The new Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Was launched in Kuwait in a Private event to showcase the all new full carbon bodied car. Presented by CEP Andy Palmer and Marek Reichman.