honda prelude

sick honda prelude

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4th Generation Prelude Tribute
a Tribute to the 4th Gen prelude.

Honda Prelude tuning project - Bulgaria
honda prelude tuning project - Bulgaria, Yambol

5th Gen Honda Prelude Tribute part 1

James's Static Honda Prelude // Del Sol | DIIVIINE
//READ DESCRIPTION!!!!// I met James about 1 year ago at Import Faceoff and we hit it off almost instantly. Both of his cars are absolutely insane, and the fact that they are static makes it all the more enjoyable. I traveled up to NH last Saturday to record this and had an absolute blast. We did get pulled over by a state cop whilst recording the rolling shots, and almost got fined 2,000$ worth of tickets but were let go with a warning. CAN YOU SAY LUCKY?!? The Del Sol being uninspected during this video is the reason why it is not there for the end of the video, because we did not want to get it towed. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and remember to like/comment and subscribe! JAMES INSTAGRAM: @jdmnelson FOLLOW ME: @diiviinemedia SONG LIST: ANUBIS-XIII - HOLOGRAPHIC reid - KINGDOM - Unleashed