How to Change Air Filter Lexus GS 2006+ DIY Guide

A simply how-to video showing you how simple it is to swap out your air filter on your 2006 + GS 300, 350, 400, & 450. Video sponsor:

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How-to Change Cabin Air Filter Lexus GS (1st Put AC on Re-Circulate)
CAUTION: Put your AC on Re-Circulate before you perform the steps in this video! otherwise, you will not be able to flip the filter door open 0:22 and you can damage the door if you force it. Don't Force Anything or you'll break something! There have been people who forced opened the door and stripped a plastic gear, please make sure you do not do this. Perform these steps at your own risk. Video sponsor: Watch a short video on how to change the cabin air filter on your late model Lexus GS series and most likely ES, LS.

How to Clean - Recharge K&N Air Filter Lexus
Watch how simple it is to clean and recharge a car K&N Air-filter on my 2006 Lexus GS 300. Video sponsor:

How-to DIY Oil Change Lexus GS 300 400 ES IS LS RX
Changing your oil on a Lexus GS, ES, IS, RX & LS is actually pretty easy. Watch me change the oil on my 2006 GS300. This procedure will work for most Lexus cars and trucks, so share it with your friends who don't want to spend $80 at the dealer or not go throught the hell I went through at Midas (link below) other models: LS 460, GS 350 & 400. Midas = $700 SCAM: Sponsor

How to Reset Oil Maintenance Required Light Lexus GS
Midas $700 mistake: Sometimes the tech forgets to reset your oil maintenance required light after an oil change. This is the procedure on how to reset it yourself. This was done on a 2006 GS300 but it should work on most newer Lexus cars. 1. With the car running set the odometer to display total vehicle miles. 2. Shut the vehicle off. 3. With the trip reset button held down, switch the vehicle to on (push the start button twice without your foot on the brake). Video sponsor: