Slamming Gustav's T34 ghia

Angora slamming a type34

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Razor Edge part#2
slamming a 34'er

Hannover 2007 Part#1
The Angora Crew and friends in hannover

RadikalBugZ Party & Event
RadikalBugZ Party & Event, Sept. 14 Et encore merci à tous ;) à la prochaine !!! musique : Marina P " i wish i Were That Girl"

1958 Karmann Ghia
Here is an old 8mm video of my first car, a '58 Karmann Ghia convertible. My parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday in '66. First part of the video shows my Mom waxing the Ghia at Shorebird Park in Berkeley (in '65). Next few seconds is me with my "Grannie" (in '66). I loved my Grannie. She was so cool. Last few seconds shows the Ghia parked in front of our house (in '63).