#iRacing 120 minutes of Sebring 2012 full race cockpit movie

This is my 2012 iRacing.com 120 minutes of Sebring, movie of 2 hours of my cockpit. This race is mixed class race with HPD ARX-01c LMP2, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT1, and Ford GT GT2. This race started at 4pm GMT as NA/SA/EU timezone race, split 7/14. *I forgot FRAPS recordings :( (this was midnight 1am race for me so I raced with headphone = my camera couldn't record sim sound) so this movie has cockpit noise and sim sound from replay recording, no spotter voices and no chatting voices. It is bit spoiled enjoyment, but solid. There are 38 cars in the field: 20 LMP2 cars, 10 GT1 cars and 8 GT2 cars. I drive C6.R and started from P3 of GT1 class. There are some unexpected accidents. I was hitted 3 times by other cars in first stint and I had damages but pit crew could repaired the car while 5-6 minutes stop. I had some mistakes in last stint ecause of out of concentration but I could bring my car to checkered flag. There are lots of passing Ford GT and passed by HPD. so It is not too bad. but sorry about long repairing pit stop, you will feel tired. Next world tour of iRacing is at Indianapolis on May. Links: http://www.iracing.com/ http://www.americanlemans.com/ http://www.fiawec.com/ http://www.sebringraceway.com/ http://www.corvetteracing.com/ My Rig: -Logitech G25 steering wheel controller -Logitech MOMO Force steering wheel on G25 (for more thick section size. connected only 2 buttons and paddles) -Z1SimWheel.com LCD Box w/Touch Panel mounted on G25 body http://www.z1simwheel.com/displays/ -GiddyUp FP1 Pedal system -TCRJAPAN shift knob for G25 shifter (sequential mode) -self made Ex-Switch box -self made aluminum frame cockpit -very cheap bucket seat PC spec: -CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX -ASRock 990FX Extreme4 -AMD Phenom II X6 1100T BE, turbo off @4.0GHz -Zalman CNPS9900 MAX -DDR3-1333 4GBx2 -Radeon HD4890 + Radeon HD5450, PCIEx16+x16 -19" + 22" + 19" monitors --1280x1024 + 1650x1050 + 1280x1024 for desktop --1024x768 + 1440x900 + 1024x768 for SoftTH 1.09 -Windows 7 x64 Enterprise -Creative HS-1000 USB headset. iRacing graphics options are almost full. render.ini [Graphics Options] ProceduralHeadlights=1 3 monitors width are about 120cm and distance from my eye is about 75cm and set FOV about 80-90. virtual mirror on for C6.R because I can't see mirrors on this FOV. app.ini [Replay] spoolingEnabled=1 ... Don't forget this for the long races! start from grid 23 (class 3rd). L01 02:17.463 P30 C6R pole starter(P2 finisher) #13 push me out and down to end of line, bit damaged and alignment error L02 02:03.089 P24 L03 02:02.283 P22 L04 02:02.386 P19 L05 02:00.324 P19 L06 02:01.599 P20 L07 01:59.836 P19 C6R spun and hit me at last corner, but I decided no pit stop L08 - -:- -.- P18 but car was broken, got orange ball flag, spun :( L09 - -:- -.- P25 pitstop and fast repair done L10 02:35.920 P27 L11 01:58.754 P26 L12 01:59.376 P26 L13 02:08.143 P25 L14 01:59.785 P24 L15 01:59.186 P24 L16 01:59.754 P23 L17 02:01.577 P23 L18 02:02.115 P23 L19 02:00.216 P22 L20 - -:- -.- P22 HPD hit my rear at last corner, spun and hit the wall, my car was broken and got orange ball flag again and pit stop L21 07:56.043 P29 6 minutes pitstop, crew could repair my car L22 01:59.040 P29 L23 02:00.889 P28 L24 01:59.889 P28 L25 02:00.661 P27 L26 02:00.160 P27 L27 02:00.096 P27 L28 01:59.513 P26 L29 01:59.265 P26 L30 02:00.001 P26 L31 02:00.390 P25 L32 02:00.849 P23 L33 02:01.486 P23 L34 01:59.782 P23 L35 01:58.996 P23 L36 01:59.273 P22 L37 01:59.146 P21 L38 01:59.677 P19 L39 01:59.592 P19 L40 02:07.210 P19 L41 02:38.766 P19 scheduled pit stop, it was nice stint L42 01:58.679 P19 L43 01:58.636 P19 L44 01:59.305 P18 L45 01:58.973 P17 L46 02:00.439 P17 L47 02:02.674 P17 L48 01:59.590 P17 L49 01:58.260 P17 fastest lap L50 02:10.846 P17 out of concentration... L51 01:59.146 P17 L52 02:17.134 P17 out of concentration... L53 02:00.820 P17 L54 02:07.136 P17 out of concentration... L55 02:00.302 P17 L56 02:00.784 P17 got checkered flag, finish race P6 of GT1

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