rx7 3 rotor 20B 1994 Mazda Twin Turbo

my 3 rotor with 300 miles on engine. 20B

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What its like owning a 3 Rotor 20B RX-7
I have one of the most amazing custom RX-7s in the world. I want to share my experience of owning and driving such a unique car. I explain where the engine came from, why its so special, and what it does to a Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX7 FD3S Sound Compilation
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20B 3 rotor NA in Mazda Rx7 Series 6
Naturally Aspirated 20B 3 Rotor Bridge Ported with Independent Throttle Bodies

1650 HP RX7, "The Sleeper Part 2", Scary and Funny, from NRE.
Nelson Racing Engines 1650 HP RX7 road video of this crazy sleeper. Awesome power in this tiny car. This car is really scarry and very fast. Some very funny video. I laughed a lot. More information and downloadable videos for your IPOD and PS3 can be found at at http://nelsonracingengines.com. and http://nelsonsupercars.com.