Idiot fail ! clutch burnout !

clutch burnout catch fire !

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Best Embarrassing Burnout Fails Compilation
Best Embarrassing Burnout Fails Compilation stupid drivers!! Burnouts are usually done in crowds, where people can cheer on how powerful your car is. But what happens when the burnout fails in front of everyone?! The result is pretty embarrassing, Check out these top burnout fails compilation!

TOP 20 Motorrad fail - Idioten auf dem bike 2013

Burnout Until the Brakes Catch Fire
One of the best burnouts at TX2K14, this one even caught on fire. Don't forget to like us on Facebook: Fan Page: Twitter:

How to burn away a clutch on a Passat Tdi 130
I have been here before, watching someone with his back wheels in the water, so I stayed and filmed. Oh dear