Checkpoint in Iraq - funny

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Best of Military Humor/Pranks
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It's Important to Have a Sense of Humor in a Fighting Hole
This is just a little fun we had during the siege of Fallujah in April, 2004. Get the most important book ever for free in every format including audiobook at: Audiobook on YT: Send your love mail to Please support FREEDOM! by liking this video, subscribing, and sharing! Order the book & all your freedom gear at:

very funny pictures of what happens when our troops get bored.... 99k views.... wow, never thought i would get that many =D 3-3-10 =110k video views! WOW! if u would like me to make more, just message me your idea and ill see what i can do =]

My Bad... I thought I threw it...
A soldier is at the grenade range during training and prepares to throw the grenade, when... Oooops... he drops the grenade as he goes to throw it out of his pit. Luckily the grenade is a training grenade because he goes through the whole throwing motion before he realizes he dropped it!