Checkpoint in Iraq - funny

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How to REALLY clear a room
This is how you locate insurgents. There are no camera tricks or back doors. 10 soldiers and 1 insurgent all fit inside of a portable. Soldiers In Order: SPC Cope SPC Llewellyn SPC Laster SPC Schneider PV2 Edwards SGT Boey SPC Perritt SPC Day SPC Jones SPC Valenzuela "terrorist" SPC Ruiz Filmed by SPC Roca.

Prank on the LT
we decided to pull a prank on the LT.. SSG. Guess was the mastermind..

American troops having fun in Iraq
Songs: A Gift of Thistle - James Horner Flashdance Strongbadia National Anthem Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

Marines Capture Taliban Fighters After Firefight | Sept 2013
Kandahar Afghanistan - Marines from patrol base Boldak go on a routine combat patrol to disrupt enemy operations. Soundbites include Sgt. Matthew Butler - Platoon Sergeant and Cpl. St. Julien Cannon - Dismounted Squad Leader. Produced by Staff Sgt. Zachariah Lopez Sign up for the beta team Join the FUNKER530 community at Follow on Twitter at This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage. Read more about the war here -