Checkpoint in Iraq - funny

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Iraqi soldiers having fun with an U.S female soldier (subs)
I have decided to disable the commentary on this video due to the bad language and heat speech that has been displayed on this video for the past years. Better late than never. Iraqi soldiers make an US female soldier say bad things to the cameraman in Arabic very funny. With translation,subs مجندة نصبه جنود عراقين يظحكون على مجنده امريكيه

very funny pictures of what happens when our troops get bored.... 99k views.... wow, never thought i would get that many =D 3-3-10 =110k video views! WOW! if u would like me to make more, just message me your idea and ill see what i can do =]

How to REALLY clear a room
This is how you locate insurgents. There are no camera tricks or back doors. 10 soldiers and 1 insurgent all fit inside of a portable. Soldiers In Order: SPC Cope SPC Llewellyn SPC Laster SPC Schneider PV2 Edwards SGT Boey SPC Perritt SPC Day SPC Jones SPC Valenzuela "terrorist" SPC Ruiz Filmed by SPC Roca.

Marine sniper engages Taliban with Barrett M107 .50 cal rifle
1st Reconnaissance Battalion engage insurgents in Sangin, Afghanistan, 11/19/2010 as part of the counter insurgency ops. Marines are using a suppressed M4 with M203 greanade launcher, and a sniper uses a Barrett .50 caliber rifle. ANNOTATED LINKS: "Barrett M107A1" "ONE SHOT ONE KILL" "ACCURATE MORTAR FIRE" TOP COMBAT VIDEO PLAYLIST