tahoe LTZ TO 200KM


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Chevrolet Tahoe 2011 Acceleration 0-190KPH / 0-120MPH
2011 Tahoe this is my DD car I know its not a sport or high performance car but its really powerful considering its weight, the car is really nice for daily use and I can say its hard like a rock from its body material to it chassis Things I hate about Tahoes and Yukons :- -The ECO mode(Sometimes it shifts to v4 while acceleration which will cause powerloss and massive stutter) -Steering angle and how it steers (Not sure I've just shifted from BMW and Genesis Coupe) -The drive shaft jerks ,

Chevy Tahoe in Moab
Tested the Tahoe on some of the "roads" in Moab, UT. I very impressed by the way the car handled. All the driving were done in 2wd mode (traction control on).

Tahoe 5.3L Stock.m4v
2009 5.3 6 Speed Chevrolet Tahoe acceleration from a stop to the limiter. 0 - 190KMH ITS A TAHOE.. NOT A YUKON DENALI.. YES ITS STOCK!

kuwait 4x4 tahoe z71 vs Silverado z71 offroad
kuwait 4x4 tahoe z71 vs Silverado z71 offroad تطعيس fun funing offroad