2002 Audi S4 (B5) acceleration Stage 2 GIAC

Couple acceleration runs, first part throttle 1-4th gear uphill, next 3rd to 4th gear pull from ~20-100mph, then 6th gear pull from ~70-125. Sorry for the "in between" parts - didn't bother editing the clips. 2002 Audi S4 6 speed manual - Stage 2, SSAC cat-back Exhaust, Forge Motorsports diverter valves, GIAC-X M-box with 93 octane program, N249 bypass

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Turbo blowing in a B5 S4 at Limerock with SCDA - Intermediate 2 group
3rd session of the day in B5 S4. Running aggressive tuning after having valve cover gaskets done. Car was running like a champ right up until the turbo apparently let loose and blew out a massive white cloud... Chased RS4 & E92 M3 for a while starting a couple minutes in

Audi S4 before/after downpipes (SSAC catback vs SSAC turbo-back)
Quick Exhaust comparison (outside the car) of the SSAC cat-back Exhaust setup and then the full SSAC turbo-back Exhaust setup (downpipes, resonated test pipes, and cat-back).

Ferrari Auto-X - Derek's laps
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