Pro Flow Fab VS Ecotec V6 Turbo LAGSUX

Pro Flow Fabs original VS aka LAGSUX! Stock engined Ecotec V6 with Pro Flow Fabs turbo kit running 11.7@120mph. Street Commodores Live 8 DVD feature.....Enjoy!

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Pro Flow Fabrications dyno day
Pro Flow Fabrications & Dyno. Includes Nissan Silvia S15, Skyline R33 GT-R, VT L67 turbo, HK V8, VL Calais turbo ATEMPT, VN LS1PWR turbo, Falcon XF turbo 250, Chrysler Centura Toyota 2JZ turbo.

JETV6 Holden Commodore
Jim's turbocharged V6 Commodore proves you don't need an LS1 to go fast. The car has run well into the 9s previously but this time out Jim raced the car in full street trim on 98-octane. Powered by a 4.2L stroker engine, Boost comes from a Garrett turbo and Delco EFI.

Most powerful N/A ECOTEC in the Universe!.MTS

4 Sale Supercharged ute. v6 12psi monster burnout machine
This car is for sale on carsales with or without Supercharger kit, just type in bnm79j into key word section for all info. The Supercharger kit is also up for bid on ebay and has no reserve. heres the link me=STRK:MESELX:IT Over the years I have spent over $14,000 in performance parts on this old girl. with the mods i have done she really flys. Bnm shifter and steering wheel sold with car! in the video i stuffed up and said sold with charger kit sorry bout that guys was still excited from my little skid. this ute is easy to drive, even your grandma could drive it! So dont be a pussy and come for a testdrive! This thing eats most V8s so if anyones keen in getting there hands on a charged ute they better call me before i seperate the charger from the ute!