Supercharged X-Runner Launch Control

X-Runner 0-100mph using APR X-1's Launch Control and raised rev limiter. 0-60: 5.000 seconds 0-100: 10.933 seconds

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2007 Toyota Xrunner w/ APR X-1
2007 Toyota Xrunner with the new APR X-1 Ecu installed. Testing launch control, and "moderate" speed runs :D

Toyota X-Runner Supercharged 60-100 MPH in 3rd gear
Toyota X-Runner Supercharged 60-100 MPH starting off high in 3rd gear (lugging a bit).

X-Runner APR X-1 Launch Control Tuning
Testing the X-1 launch control at different settings. Lots of wheel spin, low quality camera res.. too late to do anything about it now.

Xrunner TRD Supercharger Acceleration
TRC S/C, TRD CAI. 4th gear pull