Supercharged X-Runner Launch Control

X-Runner 0-100mph using APR X-1's Launch Control and raised rev limiter. 0-60: 5.000 seconds 0-100: 10.933 seconds

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Supercharged Tacoma vs Supercharged X-Runner
Super Werty vs Jaegermeister Epic race between a double cab 4x4 and 2wd X-Runner. Both trucks had pretty lame times. Lack of traction, bad weather, and technical difficulties to blame. 13.6 and 14.3 X-1 limiter was holding back the 4x4...soon to be fixed Traction always holds back the X-Runner....time for driver mod! Weather killed both trucks simultaneously. Fail Fun race though!

2011 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner TRD Supercharged Dyno 300 WHP
My first Dyno run. TRD blower, aFe intake, URD cat-back. Soon to come DTLT headers and a URD y-pipe and another Dyno run. I have some room for higher Boost and/or some other mods. 300 WHP 306 torque. This was at Carb Conn in Kirkland, WA. Great guys (and some sweet rides). Gonna upload a couple more vids from the same session.

Xrunner TRD Supercharger Acceleration
TRC S/C, TRD CAI. 4th gear pull

Toyota X Runner
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