6 second Ford Mustang Racing BMW 135i at Irwindale Speedway

Len from AMU testing his new setup on the Mustang and got kicked off the track for posting a time under 7.20 without a roll cage. Needless to say, we will be back soon with a cage to run a 6.5 second 1/8 mile. Read more about the Mustang build at www.automobileuploads.com

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BMW 135I vs Mustang 5.0
Unknown mods (sounded stock) Ford Mustang vs Tune/Intake N54 & Alpina Trans Flash 100km/h to ~220km/h

Phil Hines 6 second mustang
Phil Hines running a 6.90 @ 205mph at Orlando speed world 2013

BMW 135i vs Pontiac GTO
visit http://import2race.com

BMW 135i vs Volkswagen R32
This is a race between a BMW 135i and Volkswagen R32. Both cars are stock, but the BMW has a manual transmission. The R32 has a dual clutch transmission.