April 27, 2008 Racing

Some racing in lincoln, NE brought to you by StarCityRacing in collaboration with Jester Media Studios

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Nebraska Street Racing #11
12 Sec Cars,Nova 383,Camaro 454,Grand Prix 350

Arriving at Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
When I arrived at Lincoln, NE, a friend came to pick me up from the airport. Then we passed through the downtown area to where I was gonna live. (Aug14, 2008)

StarCity Racing - 91 Talon TSi vs 2000 Camaro Z28
AWD holeshot... got some top end on him though

2016.10.22 - ODC Presents: Redemption - eBayE36 GoPro vs GeekPro
Footage from the last drift event of the season. Footage compares GoPro Hero 3 vs GeekPro. Both shot at 720p60. Ignore the date from the camera, I forgot to reset the date after charging the batteries. Track: Raceway Park of the Midlands Car: 1995 BMW 325i Sedan