Powercruise 2012

Cruising, Drifting and Burnouts - Sydney Powercruise 3-3-12

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Powercruise 34 Symmons Plains 2012
Powercruise 34 Symmons Plains Tasmania 2012

Powercruise 2012 Friday Mayhem
Watching everyone running amok in the rain on the friday at Powercruise Sydney 2012!

PowerCruise 2012 - $50,000 Burnout Competition
PowerCruise 2012 Burnout Competition with $50,000 prize money up for grabs - Winner at the end 33:19

Powercruise sydney 2012 KICKED OFF TRACK
This video was taken at powercruise #35 at sydney's eastern creek raceway. Taken early sunday morning on one of the first cruise sessions. The car is a mates 270kw s14 series 2 silvia cutting laps around the track, this video has been cut short due to being kicked off, apparently we made to much smoke around the track. Lol