Stock CTS-V VS Stock E55 AMG Mercedes Drag Racing

Good race between a CTSV and an E55 at PBIR.

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CTS-V vs E55 AMG
Cadillac CTS-V battles an E55 AMG! Two badass cars! E55 mods: Catless, FMIC, Headers, tune. CTS-V mods: unknown Make sure to LIKE the video, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Like us on Facebook SD Street Scene: Follow us on Instagram : SdStreetScene

2010 CTS-V vs 2006 E-55 AMG
CTS-V vs E55 Mercedes Benz. SGMP raceway The 4 Door War 2014

E55 vs CTS-V
Redbulljnky vs Litigator. E55 has 185 pulley, 550cc injectors, 82mm throttle body Eurocharged heat exchanger cm30 pump. CTS-V has 9.55 lower pulley 2.85 upper pulley, KDI Street sweeper cam, pump, heat exchanger, cold air intake, Exhaust on Diablo tune. Tune needed tweaking, car ran a few 11.0s and a best of 10.75@127 a week later with new tune and some good weather.

Mercedes E55 AMG vs Cadillac CTS-V
Mods on both cars in the video.