Wheels of Fire is a 1970s drag racing movie that has a mix of fact, fiction and excellent camera work that entertains its audience with big names of the sport like "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, Don Prudhomme, Billy Meyer and Richard Tharp. The DVD is now available at DragStalgia.com

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Don Garlits - 1964 426 Hemi build CACKLEFEST Swamp Rat 8
During the work on HEMI: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8 in Competition, I had a chance to spend a day with Don Garlits as he put together a cackle engine for the 2014 season. Providentially, this was going into the replica of Swamp Rat 8, the first Garlits dragster to use the 426 engine architecture. As you will see, the results could not have been better....

Don Garlits
This is a short documentary on Don Garlits. We had a lot of fun making this little video. It was a experience of a life time to sit and talk to Mr. Garlits. He is a true pioneer in the field of drag racing, and a legend among hot rodders alike. We could all learn something from Don, His hard work, ethics and pure passion is truly a great life motivator. And if you ever get the chance to stop into his museum, you will be truly amazed at the cars and history preserved inside those walls. visit www.Garlits.com if you want to see more nostalgic drag racing videos, be sure to check out www.nostalgiadrags.com The Jackson Bros, have been shooting the roots of drag racing since 1961. Some of the black and white footage you saw in the video came from these guys!!!

"Big Daddy" Don Garlits breaks 270 mph barrier; 1986 Gatornationals
Don Garlits' record breaking run of 272 mph to earn him the distinction of being the 1st to break 270 mph in NHRA Drag Racing, while defeating former NFL Quarterback Dan Pastorini in the semis of Top Fuel at the 1986 Gatornationals, and without a doubt, this was THE race of the day. Kids, this is why they will forever call him "BIG DADDY"

Snowmobile Races Vs. Ferrari 458 and F430 Spider in Drag Race!! - Modball Rally 2015
Now this will probably the strangest thing you'll see today!!! During Modball Rally 2015 at Varano de Melegari racetrack in Italy, I have filmed a Snowmobile drag racing against a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Ferrari 458 Spider! What’s surprising about the drag races is the results, watch the video to find out why! Follow me also on: - Facebook: http://www.fb.com/NM2255 - Google+: http://plus.google.com/+NM2255 - Twitter: http://Twitter.com/NM2255 - 2nd Car Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/NickCarVideos