Driver Dynamics - Attwood - Holden Commodore Wagon Drifting

LS1 Holden Commodore wagon gets some awesome drifting action at Victorian Police Driver Training center. The Day was run by Driver Dynamics.

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Fifty years of Holden Wagons - 2014 VF Calais Sportwagon vs 1964 EH Special Wagon
The Holden Commodore Sportwagon is the only Australian-built station wagon you can buy. Wagons have been important to Australia, so James takes a look at two cars, fifty years apart - the 2014 Holden Calais V Sportwagon and the 1964 EH Holden Special Station Sedan. When the EH was on sale in 1964, Australia had a population of only 11 million people and was still a couple of years away from having decimal currency. The EH Holden was Australia's best-selling car and came in three trim levels - Standard, Special and Premier. There were two 6-cylinder engine options - a 149ci and 179ci 'red motor' putting out about 85kW. On the road the EH Holden feels light and fun to drive. There are no safety features found in modern cars - not even seatbelts! For 1960's Australia, this would have been standard transport and given many Australians a way of travelling around the big country in comfort. The 2014 Commodore Calais Sportwagon seems a world away from the EH Holden. It is quiet and refined. There is all manner of safety and comfort technology available at your fingertips. The Calais V has a 6.2-litre V8 with 260kW - three times that of the EH and while heavier, actually uses less fuel. Where the advances may be in modern cars, the older EH still has a few tricks, providing more cargo space with the seats up - and a qualified 6'10" of sleeping space in the back. When production ends of the Holden Commodore in 2017, the VF Sportwagon will be the last ever wagon produced in Australia. This is sad - as there are many great memories associated with Australian made wagons, but to end on this car, a truly world-class product, is absolutely going out on a high note. - Read the article here.

Burnout Commodore Wagon at Talks Cheap Skids
A Great effort from the Commo Wagon at Talks Cheap Burnouts over the weekend.

Driver Dynamics - Attwood - Holden VT Commodore on the Skidpan
Mat takes to the skidpan at the Victorian Police driver training centre. The Day was run by Driver Dynamics.

Fastest LS1 Wagon in the world
The second run is awsome sit back and enjoy