Ricer Vs Mustang Suprising Outcome

A Ricer And A Mustang Dragging from an intersection near my place the ricer won but only cause there was someone in front of the Mustang and thx for the hundred views guys plz comment ((video footage is original and any and all copyrighted content's presence is coincidental and recognized under the fair use act))

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rhino2960 tries to contain his anger but eventually flips out after reading up on some of the things that have happened in the world wide interwebz while he was away btw I found a word to describe his attitude after some thinking; contrived

A little update after some cooling off
rhino2960 shares a few more words with his viewers on several developments that have taken place since his rage rant on the Xbone, and sends his love to the folks in Calgary, cleaning up the mess after the Elbow and Bow rivers burst their banks and flooded most of the city recorded this video almost a week ago, and completely forgot about it, sorry its late

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