Toyota Tundra (Blender) Wheeling at Box Canyon and The Coves

Wheeling his Toyota Tundra at Box Canyon and The Coves in Arizona.

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2000 Tundra four wheeling
2000 Toyota Tundra four wheeling Chetwynd BC

Off Roading at Cleghorn Ridge Trail (Tundra 2WD Crew Cab)
this is one of the guys driving his 2WD Toyota Tundra through a tougher part of the trail

4x4 Cherokee vs. 2wd tundra tug of war
Ground was wet and we wanted to see if the Cherokee would pull the tundra. Surprisingly the tundra wouldn't budge

Tundra vs Tacoma
2002 V8 Supercharged Tundra 4x4 -vs- 2005 Stock V6 Tacoma 4x4