BMW M3 Coupé (E92)

Driving the new BMW M3 Coupé E92 for an extended review! Hi-res video via:

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BMW X6M AC Schnitzer
The BMW X6M Falcon from AC Schnitzer is really an imporvement. You can finally hear the X6M! Next to that the power is increased to 650 hp (standard 555 hp) with a topspeed of 320 km/h. Hi-res via

BMW X6M review
We review the all new BMW X6M, the sporty M-version of the X6. Video als available in hi-res via

2008 bmw e92 m3 burout drifting
2008 bmw e92 m3 coupe burnout drifting

BMW M5 Burnout
So und nicht anders!!!! ;)