AWD Drift with 876HP!!! Audi S4 at Gardermoen Raceway - Alm Racing Team (25/7/2012)

AWD powersliding backwards through the corner @ Gardermoen Raceway. Driver: Kenneth Car: Audi S4 876Hp Engine 2.5 20V turbo, Audi Inline 5 Location: Gardermoen Raceway

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ALM Racing raw footage PART 2 (AUDI S4, S2 4 wheel drift at Gatebil)
Going through my archive of videos I have found a lot of footage on the brothers Kenneth Alm and Flemming Alm. They are known for their sideways action in their Audis. I will be uploading it in parts so subscribe if you like this. This is footage from all the way back from So thanks to all the guys helping out shooting this. Be sure to check out next week for Part 3 Music: P-Holla Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Apparel:

More Audi S4 AWD drift fun! Alm Racing!
876hp Audi S4/A4 quattro with a 2.5L turbo engine. Kenneth Alm. Gardermoen Raceway Norway

Pure footage of 4WD (AWD) cars drifting...all wheel drive cars can drift too... Credits: "800hp++ Audi 4wd Drifting Crazy" by RonnySkaug "ALM Racing raw footage PART 2 (AUDI S4, S2 4 wheel drift at Gatebil)" by "ALM Racing raw footage PART 3 (AUDI S4, S2 4 wheel drift at Gatebil)" by "ALM Racing raw footage PART 5 (AUDI S2 4 wheel drift)" by "EPIC Lancer Evo IX drifting and shooting flames" by Niki Motorsport "Evo Driftmonkey drifting driftdays hultsfred drifttrack" by Snooken Recordings "Mitsubishi Evo 8 Donuts" by alex19881125 "Mitsubishi EVO Amazing Drifting Skills" by WillLillo SuperCars "Nissan GTR Drift" by LouFriDr "Scooby 4WD Drift" by ZATCEP Channel "Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2.0 400hp Drift Donuts" by AUTOSPEED "Subaru Impreza WRX Sti" by tehtunez

5 Diesel Drift Cars - Rolling Coal Drift Machines
. ►Subscribe to my channel here: Some diesel drift cars rollin coal and going sideways. Like for more videos and don't forget to subscribe! Follow us on TWITTER & FACEBOOK Outro song: Disfigure - Losing Sleep (feat. Tara Louise) If you made any of this videos and have any questions, or want your video removed, please contact me first. Credits: Audi 100 2.5TDI drift Bikernieki Elkonis Audi 100 2.5TDI RWD 27.04 Bikernieki drift Audi 100 2.5TDI RWD drift D Rumbula Audi 100 RWD Latvian drift championship 1st stage 10.05 Black Smoke Racing @ Gardermoen 2012 Diesel Mercedes drifting, Teemu Peltola Diesel Skyline Quick Look at The Beast Within Worlds First Diesel Skyline Powered By a Ford Powerstroke RACEISM 2017 Drift Wrocław Raceism event 2017 drift musk Raceism event drift musk Black Smoke Racing on Gatebil Mantorp 2017 Black smoke racing påsksladden 2017