Corvette Racing C6.R Mulsanne Straight 190+ MPH 2005 24 Hours of Le Mans

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Audi B5 S4 blowing up a K03 turbo Part I (2003)
Blown turbo K03 Action! Death of a turbo. An old video I found of the last moments of life for my stock K03 turbos on my 2001 Audi B5 S4. I was running way too much Boost so they experienced an early death at about 51,000 miles. It was a great reason to upgrade to Stage III. :-) turbo explosion! Blown turbo! Carnage! Better than a blown engine I guess.

My friend testing the rev limiter in his AP1 Honda S2000 (donut, burnout, smoke, VTEC, 9000 RPM)
Yep, he just pinned it and held on tight. :-) Car is a stock AP1 except for a cold air intake... (Video is from 2004)

25 Years of Pratt & Miller Engineering

GT1 Saleen S7R vs. Corvette C6R - big Sounds and Action - FFSA GT at Dijon
Great Race at Dijon/France - now in remastered quality.