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Twin Turbo 370z NISMO (600hp) vs GTR (550 hp)
My first time racing a GTR in my 370z after installing a Fast Intentions TT kit, tuned by Sharif @ Forged Performance. Race took place at the Zdayz 2015 Top Dawg Airstrip Challenge event in North Carolina.

D3Performance Custom Quad exhast for Nismo 370z
This is a Custom T409 Stainless steel Exhaust usinge Vibrant components and Vbands. This is a 2.5" Exhaust with two Vibrant Performance mufflers branched out to 4 racing resonators and 3" tips. The Exhaust als has testpipes and is partially wrapped with DEI Titanium heat wrap.

1000hp 370z mobile dyno run
Project white dragon putting down 1000hp in 99* weather on pump gas! Entire 4th gear lasts only a second and then it's gone!

GTM Performance Engineering G42 Project-VQ42VHR ENGINE BUILD PART 2
At the core of our Stage 5 engine build is our GTM 4.2L Stroker Kit with our billet chromoly 4340 stroker crankshaft, our billet chromoly H-beam rods and GTM spec Arias pistons with 11:0 compression.