1998 Silverado 5.7 Flowmaster Delta 40

My 1998 Silverado 5.7 Vortec, with a dual in dual out flowmaster Delta 40 series. 2.1/4 inch pipe after the muffler.

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1997 GMC Sierra flowmaster super 40 exhaust
5.7 vortec, true duals, factory cats still on, dual in dual out muffler. 2-1/4 piping with 3inch tips. Hope this helps!

1998 Chevrolet Pickup Cat-Back System - Magnaflow dual in-dual out muffler
98 Chevy 5.7L 4x4 with a cat-back system. Magaflow muffer

97 gmc sierra 5.7L with FLOWMASTER 40's burnout
My cousin burlin the tires on his 97 5.7 4x4 sierra getting some sideways action

97 chevy with dual super 40 flowmasters
i ordered super 44s but got super 40s. the Exhaust shop is fixing that tomorrow so i figured i should make a video of these on the last day that they are on my truck so yall can see what they sound like. super 44s tomorrow!