Transit Van 2.5di Engine Fault - Cold Start

1997 P Reg 2.5Di Ford Transit. Taking a while to turn engine over and when it does start, sounds like it is running on 3 cylinders for a few minutes until warmed up a little. I have just fitted a brand new set of Stanadyne injectors and it still does exactly the same - so it wasn't the injectors :-(

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Ford Transit 2.5 D
запуск двигателя после замены ремня ГРМ

Ford Transit 2.5D odpala na mrozie
Preznetacja odpalania mojego 12 letniego Ford Transita przy -16^C. Silnik 2.5D 78KM 200000km przebiegu, pierwszy właściciel, salon Polska. Odpalanie BEZ świecy żarowej. Eksploatowany na oleju Mobil 1.

Transit Engine 2.5 TDi
My Transit T-Di project cold start in rainy Ireland. The Idle screw moves at the end due to the locknut being loose so I had to choke it with the EGR flap.