Transit Van 2.5di Engine Fault - Cold Start

1997 P Reg 2.5Di Ford Transit. Taking a while to turn engine over and when it does start, sounds like it is running on 3 cylinders for a few minutes until warmed up a little. I have just fitted a brand new set of Stanadyne injectors and it still does exactly the same - so it wasn't the injectors :-(

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Ford Transit 1998 2.5 D start engine

1990 Mk3 Ford Transit LWB cold start -2 Degrees
The first start of 2012 for the Transit van. Wasn't too bad. Just a low battery

Ford transit mk5 start up from cold 1
What could be up with my transit? starts really rough, knocking noise, white/blue/black Exhaust fumes, engine struggles at a fast idle as seen on video. Changed oil/fuel filter and checked fuel intake to injectors but have not yet checked injectors. Is this something I should do?

1936 Fairbanks Morse Model 32D
Running in Pottsville Oregon. Hard to tell from a video but this thing shakes the Ground when it runs.