Vintage Racing Crash Roll cages are good

This is Mark with Zapata in second place of the last race at Roebling Road. Listen close and you can hear his rear axle snap. At that point he can't do anything but hold on. Mark is fine. This is a good reason to over build safety into any racecar. We are making a Documentary movie about vintage racing. Go to for more info. It comes out Summer 2012. We are following six drivers from Nashville for a year making a film about Vintage Racing. Mark the driver in this video is one of those drivers. Go to to see the movie trailer.

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Spectacular Crash at Shelsley Walsh 6th May 2012
Karl Schollar in the Sceptre Mk 7 loses control at Kennel Bend and hits the bank, spinning in the air before crashing back on to the track. After release by the Shelsley Walsh Safety Team the only injury Karl had sustained was a sore hand. Karl races in the Racing Cars up to 1100cc Class in his homebuilt Sceptre.