Project 8 Racing Saloons - Brands Hatch GP - Race 2 - Volvo 850 T5

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volvo motorsport 850 racing vs bmw [crash] superstars race weekend 22/23 juni 2013
burando production open race 2 superstars race weekend 22/23 juni 2013 circuit zolder Belgium = GREAT RACE MUST SEE = for more look at:

volvo motorsport 850 racing TROPHY OF THE DUNES 2013
circuit park zandvoort TROPHY OF THE DUNES 2013 burando prodution open together with german tourenwagen cup race 1

Volvo 850 - Waterford Hills Time Trial Best Run '09
Run starts at 0:30. Gary Griffith Sr. Memorial Trials - Sponsored by the Corvette Club of Michigan - July 4, 2009 Driving my CMT 1995 Volvo 850 at 201,000 miles :D New mods over last year: Eibach springs, IPD polyurethane engine and transmission mounts, new front spring seats and strut mounts. Running on Dunlop Direzza Z1 tires 215/40/R17 I finally came up with a solution for the audio problem I've experienced in my last few videos, make a recording with my iPhone using the new voice record app! Anyway, I replaced the audio in quicktime with my iPhone's recording and here is the result. Now you can enjoy the screaming 5 cylinder engine of my Volvo! This video is of my 3rd run, I believe I got an 88.4, on my last run I managed to squeeze out even more from the car with a best run of 87.8. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died and all I have is this. Enjoy, -Chris

Volvo 850 T5R 550+ HP 'Man uit gemert' Funfahrt Lap 2 Nordschleife
Touristenfahrt 13-10-2013 (Wet track) Lap 2 Theo de volvo man op de Norschleife. Theo die volvo man auf die Nordschleife. Theo the volvo man on the Nordschleife. Soms werd de olie te heet en moet de motor afkoelen. Manchmal das Öl zu heiß unterwegs. Sometimes the oil gets to hot and need to cool down.