Vaterra Twin Hammers RC Car Preview Video

Order the Twin Hammers now: The next model in the Vaterra line-up is a beast of a RC car. As Mike shows, the Twin Hammers rock crawler comes with 4-link rear suspension and a solid rear axle. This 1/10-scale machine also features shift-on-the-fly two-speed transmission, allowing you to switch between low speed for rock crawling and high speed for powering across the flats. The Twin Hammers is now available for buy from Modelflight: With the Vaterra Twin Hammers rock racer, you get the best of an off-road buggy and a 1.9 crawler in one bone-crushing rc vehicle!

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Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR summary & final thoughts
Q: Why haven't you made new videos since 2013? A: My local RC track facility was forced to move a long ways away. Meanwhile, nearly every open space in my heavily populated area is explicitly, legally off-limits to RCs and regularly patrolled by rangers and/or police and I've been kicked out too many times. I have absolutely NO good place to legally drive & film within a reasonable distance and there is nothing I can do to change this. Q: Have you created a new RC channel? A: No. Beware of shameless lying impostors :) If you don't see something posted by a verified account of mine on itself, assume it's false, including "screenshots" as they are easier than anything to fake. Q: Will you come back to RC? A: Most likely no. Q: Why did you disable comments on existing videos on this channel? A: You know, *most* RC hobbyists are cool folks. YouTube though, harbors an extraordinarily large population of the most vitriolic, extremist brand loyalists & haters who make it their life's purpose for weeks at a time to develop and then spread the most ridiculous fabricated stories to try to tear down a guy who happened upon a little success & popularity as a result of working hard & sharing something he loves to do. I don't have time for that mess; I choose focus on the good stuff in life!

Vaterra Twin Hammers Buggy: Unboxing and Review
I picked up a Twin Hammers buggy for me to mess with. I really like this car and can't wait to test it out.

Vaterra Twin Hammers Kit Unboxing
Unboxing Vaterra's Twin Hammers, a 1/10 scale rock racer, in a kit version.

JRC Productions - Vaterra RC Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer - First Unboxing!
New video! Woo! A new video on a Monday and Friday! Subscribe and all that other stuff if you want to stay updated with cool Videos! It's Free! Here is an unboxing video and review of the Brand new Twin Hammers Rock Racer From Vaterra RC. A Running video will be filmed today! Subscribe to keep updated! Thanks alot for watching, hope you enjoyed it! Please visit: and Trucks: Suzuki Sierra Scaler (Superzook): - Custom Tubework - Scaler of our 1:1 Comp Truck - Holmes Hobbies 25T brushed Motor - Holmes Hobbies BRXL Waterproof - RC4WD Rock Stomper 1.55 - RC4WD Super Scale 1.55 "steelies" - Custom Suspension replicating 1:1 setup - Turnigy GTX3 3chTx/Rx combo - Wraith Interior Axial Wraith (Boris): - RTR Axial Wraith - Tekin Redline 8.5T Brushless motor - Castle Mamba Max Pro ESC - Turnigy 3000Mah 30-60c 6cell (22.2v) LiPo - Proline Badlands 2.2 Tire - RC4WD 5 Spoke Alloy Wheels - Custom Monster Energy Side Panels - Turnigy GTX3 3chTx/Rx combo