bmw e46 330d rolling road session 224 bhp @ sitech racing

bmw 330d the 184bhp model remapped to 224bhp,was hoping for at least 240 will make 300bhp once hybrid turbo's fitted next year watch this space !

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Bmw 330d E46 375hp/760nm
3""Exhaust,hybrid turbo GT2260V,Sachs performance clutch,front mount Intercooler,custom remap by TST-Racing@1.9 bar hold Boost.Stock injectors.

Remapped 330d sport with decat downpipe and straight through exhaust. Staggered tails.
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bmw e46 330d touring stage 1 reprog remap acceleration 80 160
no dpf off 9s2 @smartmotors-centre france stage 1 2 3 swap eco tunes ..

BMW E46 330d 0-60 MPH 0-100 KMH Remapped ~250bhp 5.8s ?
Quick 0-60 MPH Test in newly remapped BMW 330d (204bhp model) , Saloon , M Sport , Should be kicking out 250BHP + 505NM Torque . 6 Speed Gearbox. Taken on an iPhone , excuse the quality.