bmw e46 330d rolling road session 224 bhp @ sitech racing

bmw 330d the 184bhp model remapped to 224bhp,was hoping for at least 240 will make 300bhp once hybrid turbo's fitted next year watch this space !

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BMW 330D (180bhp model) On the Dyno at Motorsport Developments In Blackpool Lancashire
A customers BMW 330D (180bhp model with a hybrid turbo added) in for a remap and power runs on our 4wd Dyno Dynamics Dynotech Rolling Road Chassis Dyno at Motorsport Developments in Blackpool, Lancashire. Housed in its own virtually soundproof custom Dyno cell with enough cooling airflow to turn the entire cell over with fresh air every 4 seconds as well as dedicated engine cooling, Exhausts extraction and cell extraction systems, there is no better Dyno for your car in the UK.

Bmw e46 330d 402hp dyno
402hp 698nm 150kw engine

BMW 330d E46 ligne complete proinox
Pro Inox Asi - Atelier de Lyon Facebook : Site internet :

BMW E46 330d on max speed ( unplugged ) :-)
The result of a discussion, how fast a series E46 330d can go. The car reached a speed of 256 (GPS ). One can see on the consumption indicator, that the car is limited to 250km/h ( +x ). The steering unit stops the supply of diesel.