Evo 9 vs Lexus IS-F

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ISF vs SLk55 vs Evo Luda
40 Roll. The Evo Missed a gear and still raped the AMG (On this night the Evo was half a car faster then the ISF)

2006 GTO vs. Lexus ISF vs. Evo X
Camera car 2006 GTO

Evo ix vs '08 Lexus ISF
isf: stock in sport mode evo ix: Exhaust, intake, tune Highway pulls were in favor of the isf, I wanted to do street pulls where the evo really shines. Wasn't really bangin' gears because my clutch is starting to die, that's why I lost that round to the isf, no excuses though haha ISF had 3 people in car including driver Evo had 4 people in car including driver Evo takes the win This video is computer generated, none of it is real.

New Evo X WORLD RECORD - 3Dx 900hp Evo
908 AWHP is the official new EvoX world record HP holder! Huge congrats to the 3Dx crew for the success with the car! Car is owned by Chase, and built by 3D Motorsports with help from DKT Performance and Daves Crankshaft. Tuned by www.precisionviolence.com Big thanks to Karl Performance of Des Moines for the help on the Dyno all day!