VTR1000F Super Hawk 996 Overview

1999 Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk 996 overview hosted by LaylaBeth. Music by Bret Munk & Steve Baughman. All Rights Reserved.

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Honda VTR FireStorm Superhawk 996
the monster of the wheelies is a HONDA Superhawk 996 VTR firestorm 1000 story trailer Honda VTR firestorm superhawk whith Gotthard standing in the light

VTR1000f, pass everything but a gas station

Honda VTR1000F
This is my 2003 Honda VTR1000F Super Hawk/Firestorm. Slowly I added a few parts to make it into what you see today. It's not the fastest ride out there but it just might be the most fun I have riding it.

honda vtr1000 collection
vtr collection = photos of honda vtr 1000's i downloaded as research for my vtr project ... if i decide to keep the bike, i'll most likely buy a new plastic kit ... like the red, white & blue castol racing bike music : Ragsy vs Laurent Konrad - This Beat Is