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All Ford Day 2010 Bandimere 65 Falcon Ranchero
Nice 65 Falcon Ranchero running hard

My 1965 Falcon Ranchero Pickup - Short Subject!
Just had a few minutes and decided to pull out the Ranchero and take some pictures so I can send them to a couple guys that asked. So, what the heck, may as well take a short video of it at the same time! Been sitting behind a couple cars that I just sent to a new home in Austria, so it was easy to grab a battery and start it up for the photos and this video. I bought it a few years ago because my wife said she would like a little Ranchero to go pick up stuff.. WELL she did not expect that it would not have power steering, so she never drove it. YES, sure I could add power steering, but there just are not ANY 36 hour days! I just never have time to do ALL this STUFF! So it is time to sell the Ranchero. 289 automatic with disc brakes up front. 2bbl carb and headers. Runs Great! Heck I think it is kind of fun to drive. I has a Mustang steering wheel and shifter in it. Nothing fancy here, just a "20-footer" YEP- you could have driven it away. But it is sold.

1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero new motor start up.
1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero motor start up for the first time