compare it! BMW X1 versus the Range Rover Evoque | drive it!

Range Rover is synonymous with off-road luxury. With the new compact SUV Evoque, Land Rover has now launched a smaller, more affordable model. The vehicle is not for anyone who wants to keep a low profile.Thanks to its unusual design, it's likely to remain a head turner for quite a while. Competitors in the premium SUV market have been eyeing the newcomer suspiciously. The BMW X1 has an established fan club and is considered to be the sportiest SUV in its class. Can the Evoque give the BMW a run for its money?

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compare it! VW Tiguan and the BMW X1 | drive it!
The VW Tiguan is the Golf of the SUV segment. Put another way, it's compact, versatile and the top seller in its class. To keep things that way VW has given the Tiguan a facelift. To make sure they don't scare anyone off, the firm's designers have not made too many changes. The BMW X1 is one of the Tiguan's toughest competitors in the compact SUV segment -- and not only because it differs so much from the Tiguan. It's more compact, lower, sportier and tougher. Just what you'd expect from BMW. But which SUV offers the better deal?

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