Herbie replica turbo car up to the line against mustang

movie of the herbie replica going to the line continued in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwoCY2yRoBw

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Herbie - VW a AR Turbo - 9.962@233km/h
Herbie turbo 9s saindo no pé e trocas com embreagem... Mito dos VW a AR turbo no Brasil!!! Primeiro carro de categoria turbo Street Traseira a entra na casa dos 9 segundos no Brasil curta: www.facebook.com/hotcampinas

The Love Bug (1997)
The lesser known 5th installment of the Herbie franchise, "The Love Bug" (1997). All rights reserved to the Walt Disney Company, et al.

a great replica of the legendary herbie, with working doors, hood, etc. i filmed this car at old town in kissimmee, FL.

Herbie replica
Herbie per le strade di Lonato Brescia