Streetrace in Helsingborg, Sweden

Lördagsbus under Vallåkrahelgen i Helsingborg

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Streetrace Helsingborg 2014-06-07 Part 1 of 5
Streetrace i Helsingborg 2014-06-07. Detta är del 1 av 5.

Vallåkra 2010
Aktiviteter från vallåkra 2010

Helsingborg Streetrace 2011-04-02
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1000hp Turbo Evo - COPS vs Sweden Illegal Street Race!
This 75mm turbo Evo is a serious street machine! Rocking big Mickey Thompson slicks all around to grip and go, this guy put the hurt on the big block Nitrous Volvo in this feature! We love seeing unique cars, and a 4G63 powered Evo 3 with a giant turbo is definitely up our alley! This Evo advances to round 2 of the Stockholm Open by taking out the big block powered Volvo in the next lane! To add to the drama, the Swedish police show up RIGHT when these racers are about to take off! With lights flashing, the traffic building, and the growing amount of spectators, this made for one HELL of a show! Such a close finish to this race! ------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►