Rotary at Jamboree QLD 2011

Rotary at Jamboree QLD 2011

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kingr1 ts a mazda r100 with a supercharge 13b @ Jamboree 2011

Supercharged Mazda RX-3 (engine sound)
At the Cars and Coffee in Galway today, we were treated to the view and sound of this supercharged Mazda RX-3. What a car. Proper old-skool jap.

rx4/929 wagon 20bpp supercharged new blower
another start up with the new blower and smaller pulley test for any leaks cant wait for the Dyno

Garage Redzone Gemini Vs 1jz Commodore @ Jamboree 2011
Dave Cox in the Garage Redzone Gemini racing his 4zd1 turbo powered Gemini @ jamboree 2011 and takes the win against a 1jz Powered VS commodore due to breaking out. This gemini is running a custom Altra9 LSD centre. For more info on this lsd please contact Altra9 @ And for all other enquiries Garage Redzone (QLD) Website : (07) 54433507