RSX Type-S With Hondata Reflash

06 RSX Type-S CAI + Hondata Reflash Yes, I let the clutch out too early in 4th. ;) Amateur Driver on Questionable Course Do not attempt.

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2003 Acura RSX Base 5 Speed Before/After Reflash
All information in video. Just a small comparison

05 Rsx type S Dyno hondata reflash (k20z1)
Mods: short ram intake, hondata reflash (non race header), Megan shorty header. Best run was 201.2 HP and 145.5 tq on Dynojet.

02 Acura RSX Type S top speed VTEC all the way
02 Acura RSX TypeS with Injen cold air and Greddy EVO Exhaust reach a top speed of about 145mph on a 3 mile straight road before the turn at the end of the road.

Ososik: Hondata Traction Control
Hondata...It Works! The latest product from Hondata is the Traction Control. Although very hard to capture the true capability it has, here is footage of it in action. #ososikmedia