Eric's Toyota Celica All Trac 230WHP

Erics Toyota All Trac putting down 230WHP on our shop Dyno.

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868 & 863whp Dyno pull, Celica Alltrac ST-185, Full Exhaust
These 2 back to back runs were at 43psi falling to 39psi. Right at peak torque, (7000rpm) the tires spun on the Dyno on both runs. Apparently the front was doing a wheelie, so we put a a different strap across the front straps. Needless to say the 47psi run was just ridicules

Turbo Acura Integra 440WHP
Customers turbo Acura Integra putting down 400WHP on our shop Dyno.

JR's Toyota Supra 690WHP
JR's Supra on our shop Dyno putting down 690WHP.

Adam's J1 MK3 400WHP
Adams Mk3 putting down 400WHP on our shop Dyno.