Feb. 14 TWS 2.9 CCW

Chasing a Spec Boxter and running some quick laps. Car Info: 99 Miata Fast Forward Superchargers Kit (Thanks Tom!) Flyin' Miata AFCO Coilovers (750f / 450r) 225/45/15 Hankook RS3 15x8 949racing 6UL (Thanks Emilio!) Car and driver needs to go on a diet.

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V8 Miata on Targa Newfoundland - Garnish stage
Ride along with the Targa Miata crew on one of the classic Targa Newfoundland stages in 2011. Garnish has a bit of everything - high speed through the woods, tight little town streets, smooth pavement, rough pavement - it's a real workout for the car and the crew. You can hear the 100 mph wheelspin right near the beginning of the stage. The team was leading the Open Division of the race at this point. The car is powered by a modified L33 V8 engine, making between 350 and 400 hp and a 6-speed transmission. The conversion was done using parts from V8Roadsters, as are all the V8 conversions from Flyin' Miata. Suspension is the FM AFCO setup, working hard in this stage. It was built and driven by Keith Tanner and navigated by Janel Tanner. For more on the car, see http://www.targamiata.com. For more on Flyin' Miata's V8 conversions, see http://www.flyinmiata.com/v8

Fast Forward Miata - Summit Point Shenandoah - 5/17/2014
First session of the day. Had to knock the rust off for several laps. 97 Miata, FFS Supercharger, Thermal R&D Exhaust, FCM suspension, 195/50/15 RE-11A tires GoPro white in a RAM mount attached to the hardtop glass, Audiotechnica ATR-3350 mic hung by the license plate

Fast Forward Superchargers at Mike's Place 1 of 2 Tech Day 2007. MX5 Miata
Showing off, sweet Supercharger setup for MX-5 Miata from fast farward Superchargers.

Fast Forward Superchargers Full kit assembly for a Miata MX5
http://www.fastforwardSuperchargers.com and their full Supercharger kit for the miata MX5 KIT INCLUDES: Eaton MP62 Supercharger, Big Throttle Body, Cast Throttle Body Adaptor, FFS Engineered High Flow Cast Intake Manifold, Complete Engine Management with Boost Fuel Control and Boost Timing Control and ECool (with dual extra injectors), High Flow Fuel Rail, CARB, Separate 6 Rib Belt and Pulleys with Automatic Belt Tensioner, Iridium Spark Plugs, and Cold Air Intake.