CA18DET Holden Gemini Off Street Racing

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GemsWA Cruise #36 - Tuart Hill Maccas.
This is a slap together vid Latest Cruise with 15 Geminis - Mainly early models , usually its the opposite . So this was a good sign for future cruises . 3 x TC Coupes 1 x TX Coupe 2 x TX Sedans 2 x TC Sedans 1 x TD Sedan 1 x TD Wagon 1 x TE Wagon 2 x TE Sedan 1 x TF Sedan 1 x TG Sedan

lakeside race fj20 gemini (green) vs ca18 GemIni (in car view)
watch til end

Holden Gemini GemsWA Cruise #49

The death of a CA18det
The death of a CA18det. oil return from turbo came off. so there was no oil in the engine at the start of the lap. i wish i had known!