2012 Infiniti M56 Interior Tour

In this video I give a brief tour of this 2012 Infiniti M56

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Infiniti m56 top speed 0- speed limit
New m56 0-265 (speed limited) on standard mode ( sport mode is amazing )

Infiniti M56 s 2013 model (Interior)
Infiniti M56 s 2013 model

Infiniti m56s vs zo6
He give me jump at 140 km and past me at 220 ... freaindly race Zo6 ( varam airintake and tun and headers ) Infiniti ( stillen Exhaust and kn filter )

2012 chrysler 300 SRT8 vs Infiniti M56
Infiniti m56 5.6L 400 hp stock Chrysler 300 SRT8 6.4L 470 stock