Mustang Drip Rail Molding Installation

Mustang Drip Rail Molding Installation

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1966 Mustang Windshield Molding and Clip Installation In this video owner Stuart Hoover removes and installs new windshield molding and clips on his 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. This is for the everyday Joe who enjoys making their "Stang" look great!

Removing roof rail trim
How to remove roof rail drip edge trim from classic cars the easy way.

Episode 88 Part 1 How to restore vent windows on a 1967 or 1968 Mustang or Cougar Autorestomod
Vent windows can be a real eye sore or worst yet the vent widow frame can be broken and slopping around in the door. We give you tips to make the install of some NPD vent widow frames, vent widow felts, and vent widow weatherstrips an easy job on your Mustang or Cougar. We show you some tips for using panel adhesives and rubbing compound to make the install both sturdy and shiny. Thanks for watching! Part 2: Part 3 Mentions:

Chevelle Rear Window/Molding Removal
I'm showing you what you need to do and how to remove, I believe anybody can do this. the tool i used can be found at all auto stores I would assume, got mine at O'riely's. Mold remover. when I talk about my trunk, the place where the hinges are mounted to are rusted out. you don't have to stand in your trunk. it was just convenient for me. I would like to give anyone who thinks they cannot restore a car hope by saying yes you can, just take time to learn a thing or get an idea on how to do something and start working at it, you'll learn a lot! for begginer though I would say to get an easy restore, minimal rust and other repairs. This is a 68 4 door sadan Concourse Chevelle.