C55 AMG chasing C63 AMG at Mosport

Trying to keep up (somewhat unsuccessfully) with North44 until a slower race car gets in the way. The power of the C63 kills me on the straights. Oct. 2009 6th Gear track day.

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Cette vidéo traite de C55 AMG sound VS C63 AMG sound

C63 vs C55
C63 VS C55 C63 has Exhaust and not sure the c55 mods

2005 Mercedes C55 Autocross
A compilation of 8 laps combined into one from a local AutoX hosted by the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Porsche Club of America. It was held at the local Sheriff's track. The clips that were picked are by no means the fastest (especially the slide mid track). The only mod to the car was the removal of the secondary cats and the car is otherwise in stock form.

Mercedes C55 AMG Kleemann Autocross II
Running my Supercharged C55 AMG on street tires