Audi A6 3.0 TFSI vs BMW 535i - English subtitled

De nieuwe Audi A6 is binnen. Maar is hij goed genoeg om de 5-serie bij te benen? Wij zetten twee dikke benzineuitvoeringen tegenover elkaar.

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2012 Audi A6 versus BMW 535i review: And the best luxury sedan is...
( ) The new BMW 535i has almost always been the benchmark for all other mid-sized luxury sedans. But for 2012 the all new Audi A6 is taking direct aim at the BMW buyer as well as the 535i. The Audi brings to the table a 310 HP supercharged powerplant, an 8 speed automatic transmission and of course Quattro all-wheel-drive. But to not to be outdone the BMW has all of the same stuff but instead of a supercharged engine it comes with a turbo. So which one is the better car?

Mercedes E400, Audi A6, BMW 535i Neues Gesicht und neue Assistenten - aber reicht das, um vorn mitzufahren? Der erste Vergleich des Mercedes E 400 mit Audi A6 und dem BMW 535i soll alle offenen Fragen klären.

Audi A6 V6 3.0 TFSI vs BMW M550 Diesel

2012 Audi a6 vs BMW 535 2012
2012 Audi a6 vs BMW 2012 535 both car stock