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We ran our 68 Camaro called Bad Penny at the Goodguys Costa Mesa autocross March 09. Still needed an alignment and some front parts, but she managed to win the Editor's Challenge event. Also had a brake issue that is now fixed. Tires are Kumho XS in 275 front and 335 rear - 180 treadwear.

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Redline Time Attack - Autobahn Country Club 6-21-2009
This is my fast lap at Autobahn Country Club South Track for the Redline Time Attack. I took 1st in RWD Stock Category. If I had competed in Street class, I would have come in second for RWD. The car is a 2008 Honda S2000 CR (no a/c or radio) with a Comptech front sway bar and Kumho XS tires (245 front and 255 rear). I'm dealing with a bit of understeer and would have dialed back the stiffness of the sway bar if I had more time to test. I think I'm outgrowing my Carbotech XP10/XP8 pads as they are heating up way too fast. My time was 1:41.503 which I'm pretty happy with. Looking back at my video, I think I'm steering too much. Still need to work on being smoother and steering a bit more with the throttle.

Bad Penny Camaro - Sandhills ORC Standing Mile Run - 172.4 MPH
Took our '68 Camaro out to Nebraska for this year's SORC event. On Friday they have the half and full-mile shootouts. Last year we ran the half mile and knocked down 149 MPH. Could have been better, but with my gearing I had to shift to 5th right before the finish line. This year we ran the mile and had a best run of 172.4 MPH.. for reference that's only 2-3 seconds slower than the ZL1 Vette that ran before me. Considering my lack of aero I'm really happy with that speed. Car felt great, but damn, that's a LONG time to stay in it. :) -- Found that I was limited by my gearset and we hitting fuel cutoff (fifth gear) right at the finish line. So, if I want to go faster I will need to ditch the 3.90 gears and go to some 3.50s. Thanks to Optima Batteries for the invite!!

mary in bad penny camaro 29 3
Mary Pozzi driving Bad Penny Camaro at Goodguys Del Mar autocross Apr 2009.

Bad Penny Camaro rear end
Bad Penny Camaro - Steven Rupp shot this video at the Costa Mesa Good Guys autocross.