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Danny's 1959 pontiac bonneville 4 drht Leo's 1960 pontiac laurentian 2 drht Adam's 1961 pontiac laurentian 4drht Bryans 1962 pontiac parisienne 4drht

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Wide-Track: 1959 Bonneville - /BIG MUSCLE
Owner: • Chuck Cushner Slathered in Lamborghini orange paint and exuding a presence that is anything but subtle, this 1959 Bonneville is a car that represents a peak time in American automotive design. It was drafted before government mandates and regulations stifled imagination and creativity, and takes us back to an era when we still looked to the stars for inspiration. This is a car that will stop you dead in your tracks and make you truly long for the days when chrome was King, gas was a mere .25¢ per gallon, and where Elvis Presley was the greatest thing the public had ever heard.

Grandpa's 1960 Pontiac
Grandpa's 1960 Pontiac Laurentian 350 4 speed

1960 Pontiac Bonneville
http://www.barnfineclassics.com/inventory/1960-pontiac-bonneville Here's a great looking '60 Bonneville that will haul all your buddies! It's powered by a 389ci V8 and a Super Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. The engine makes great power and has a K&N air filter and chrome housing, a Crane Cams Fireball ignition box, new dual Exhaust, a new Les Schwab battery, and factory chrome valve covers! This is a factory A/C car (pump removed and in the trunk) with power steering and power brakes too! Inside, it has a beautiful unmolested dashboard with working gauges, a power front seat, and power windows. The carpet is in good condition, as well as the seat upholstery and headliner. The Bonneville has good glass, stainless, and chrome, and the wrap around front and rear windows are in fantastic shape! It sits on a set of factory 14 inch wheels with the original PMD hub caps and 225/75/14 Coker Classic wide white wall tires! This car has super cool body lines and just floats down the road! The intake and Exhaust sound fantastic, and it starts, runs, and drives really well!

Chevy and Pontiac graveyard. Melbourne,Australia.
So many of these graveyards exist all over the world. This one from right here in Melbourne,Australia. Where in Melbourne this place is i don't know. These are all original rhd's too.All Aussie assembled and sold new here. There should be a law against this. These old analogue pics were given to my brother about 10 years ago now by an old workmate of his. The pics were already quite old back then,so much so that the guy couldn't remember where this place was. These pics are definately from the 80s and there is a red kodak stamp on the back of each photo with 'dec 85' next to it. I'm convinced that's the date they were developed.