SCCA Start 3

SCCA Central Florida Region Winter Vacation Double National Races At Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida January 2011 Group 5: Sunday Race Start

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Race-Keeper video: Sebring Double National 2011
Race-Keeper video: Sebring Double National 2011. Formula Atlantic, Start.

Sebring SCCA Spec Miata Race February 13, 2011
Central Florida Region SCCA "Cabin Fever Cure" Regional Race. Qualified 18th. out of 37. Finished 25th. after a spin all on my own on turn 16 going on to the back stretch as you will see!

55 miatas in 12 minutes - sebring 2011
driving a 350z touring car, started behind all 55 miatas at anSCCA national . I have nothing to be proud of for beating them, but I am proud of some of the crazy moves, patience at times, passes for most without affecting their race, and all without a scratch on my car. Well, ok I must admit I dragged the underside of my car on a few curbs....

1980 SCCA Runoffs
1980 SCCA Runoffs