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"You don't have to spend a million bucks to fulfill your dreams. I bought a bike for $300, got it running and entered it in a race I'd always dreampt about. Bonneville is an epic thing that brings out all kinds of speed contraptions and it was an honor to ride an old 1986 Honda VFR750 in the Run-Whatcha-Brung class and pretend to be like my childhood heroes. If I can do it, anyone can." — Jamie Robinson For more on motorcycles, visit

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847 km/h On a Motorcycle | World's Fastest Motorcycles of All Time
847 km/h On a Motorcycle | Fastest Motorcycles in Worlds History Meet Arnold What do you know about Motocycles speed records ? in this video you won’t see the BMW S1000RR, Ducati panigale and Honda CBR1000RR, it’s looks a little bit boring. Instead, Today you are about to see The brightest moments in history of Motorcycle speed records. How it was when in 1907 daredevil sitting on his homemade airplane engine hit 219 kilometer on a Florida beach, Fastest Girl in the World, The Legendary Burt Munro and the Fastest Speed Ever registered on motorcycle. And here we ride. Forget all you read about early car speed records. It’s January 24th 1907, and on a beach in Florida and a daring young man has just blasted across the sand at 219 kilometers per hour run on a V8-powered motorcycle of his own design.Curtiss remained "the fastest man in the world," the title the newspapers gave him for going faster than any vehicle, on land, sea or air, until 1911, when his absolute record was broken by the Blitzen Benz automobile John Buddenbaum, a metal fabricator and Eric Noyes, a NASA engineer set out to go very fast with a very small engine. john buddenbaum acsellerated to 233 killometers per hour setting the new world record with a 50 cc engine at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008 In his inaugural run at the Salt Flats in 1962 Munro set a world record of 288 km/h on his 850-CC engine. At the Salt in 1967 Burt were going like a bomb, He topped out at over 331 kilometers per hour, but that spill meant the run remained unofficial. Legendary rider - Burt Munro was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2006….. 434 Kilometer Per Hour. This is the KillaJoule – fastest electric motorcycle on Planet. And this Nice Girl is Eva Hakansson. She is a rider of this Daredevil machine. Acselerated 400 killometers per Hour Eva Hakansson set a new electric motorcycle speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats Silver Bird was the first motorcycle in History that reached a speed over 300 miles per hour. It had two four-cylinder, 694.9 cc reed-valve two-stroke engines from the Yamaha TZ750 racebike., delivering 240 horsepower. Silver Bird ridden by Don Vesco hit the world record accelerated 480 killometers per hours at the Bonneville Speedway in 1975 The only way motorcyclists could go faster than 300 m.p.h. was by lying nearly flat on their backs inside a completely enclosed, custom-made streamliner bike — as much a rocket as a motorcycle. Mr. Warner competed in the conventional motorcycle class — a far more cost-effective one. He began reconfiguring his Suzuki Hayabusa in 2010 634 Killometers. On September 25, 2010. Powered by two 1,299 cc Suzuki Hayabusa turbocharged engines, which produce more than 900 horsepower, Dildo-shaped motorcycle named“Ack Attack” became the world's fastest motorcycle, by achieving an average speed, in both directions across a measured mile, of 605 km/h at the same Bonneville Salt Flats. But the Max registered speed was that same Unbelievable - 634 kilometer per hour. And the Las One 847 kilometers.! The Spirit of America - was the first of the modern record breaking jet-propelled cars, Yep – Car, built with a narrow streamlined fuselage, three wheel chassis, and most significantly, turbojet engine. Like most of the other competing vehicles the engine was ex-military, the first Spirit had a General Electric J47 engine from an F-86 Sabre. Craig Breedlove set his first record on September 5, 1963 at Bonneville, the first man to set an average speed of over 640 km/h during a land speed record. At the time of Spirit of America's construction the (FIA) - Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, rules for a land speed record required a four wheel chassis. Spirit's record was thus not recognised as an official record by the FIA. But, The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) did recognise it however, classing Spirit as a three-wheeler motorcycle. Years Later Breedlove returned to Bonneville with Spirit and pushed the new record 846 km/h. Imagine he passed each 280 meters in only 1 seconds. Anyway, Spirit wasn't built for such speeds, passing 860 kilometer per hour, Spirit of America Broke two records more. First of which is : The highest speed in skidding - 650 killometers when the Spirit lost its parachute brakes. And the second: Longest skid marks in the world, Spirit skidded for 8 kilometers , through a row of telephone poles and crashed into a brine pond at around 320 km/h Drenched but uninjured, Breedlove climbed out of the cockpit. Two weeks after that in October 1964, Motorsport Federation changed the rules and The legendary Spirit of America became a car again. This was a story of the coolest motorcycle speed records and I hope you enjoyed watching this, thank you.

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