Project Miller gets a Mopar 440

Miller 440 Chrysler start up

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Stevens Flat Bottom Resurrection, 1976 440 Chrysler
the ski boat is at the half way point in the resurrection, motor runs great boat floats, now back in the shop for paint and interior, more to follow this spring

Loud Jet Boat
wowww 650hp lol

Mopar FootBall Cannons
Here's a video of my 440 Drag Boat Launching a pair of Nerf Footballs. Scared the crap out of my dog!!

Marine Chrysler 440 sounding nice!
Here's my Chrysler 440 I'm dropping in a 1968 25' Luhrs flybridge boat. I took this with the help of my daughter on veterans day 2009. I love the pen sound, but it does get too loud hearint all day, so hopefully the mufflers will fit in the boat!